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Best Commercial Rehabilitation Project

I Can Do That! Perofrming Arts center is a non-profit based in Danville, CA, whose mission is "to foster empowered, flourishing youth through sustained community, wellness, and the power of the performing arts." After outgrowing their first tenant space, they partnered with the owner of an aging building that previously housed a large dance studio to create their new home. But the space hadn't been updated in decades.

The front facade was completely reimagined, with a contemporary marque, and glass storefront displaying the cafe as street theater. Structurally, the marquee, patio roof and moment frame were designed to be independent of the adjacent, old CMU block walls. And all of the improvements had to be achieved within a limited, non-profit budget.

"We wanted the new center to be infused with the same energy we see in our performing arts youth."

Steve Wynn | Barry and Wynn Partner

By providing the kids with a worthy center, we're showing the kids their own worth. In doing so, ISDT! created a thriving, safe place for youth to gather after school, including a cafe staffed by students.

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